What is the sign-up process like?

Please watch the explainer video below:

What would happen if I did not complete the check-in process?

If you failed to check-in, you will not be able to participate in the tournament.

Do I have to add the opponent as a friend to start the match?

Yes, you will be required to add your opponents for this tournament.

Who will be hosting the match lobby?

The team on the left side of the ESL Play match page (the team on the top of the tournament bracket, hereby referred to as “Team A”) gets the right to host the lobby.

How do I join the game lobby?

The player who is responsible to host the lobby will need to invite his opponent into the private match lobby.

What is the map ban/side pick process like?

The Map bans must be done via the match comments on the match page on ESL Play for the Open Qualifiers. “Team A” will start the ban process, then followed by the other team. The process is detailed in the Rulebook.

Am I allowed to change my Uplay ID / use a different Uplay ID during the tournament?

Players will be required to use the same Uplay ID that they linked on ESL Play to play all the matches.

Is there a place where I can communicate with the players and the Admin team?

Yes! All participants must join the Competition’s Discord server in order to participate in the competition. All communication should take place on Discord.